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The sterling silver pendant is one of the most important fashion elements with its timeless appeal and sophistication, making it the best gift for a woman. Whether a person loves to show off eye-catching items or prefers to be with an elegant style, it offers endless options to suit their fashion appetite. Versatility and perfection are the hallmarks of classic silver signature pieces. Favored for its value and unique radiance, silver has beauty and malleability that make it a perfect choice for jewelry usage. Not only this, but silver is also no less beautiful to wear than gold, and it is both easier to afford and wear in general, especially since it has a place no matter the social setting. If you have got a dazzling sterling silver pendant from someone as a gift and you're wondering how to style it. So how do you choose and style jewelry to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? And how do you make the best use of your jewelry collection without being boring? The answers aren't always obvious.

Never fear: because Fabunora is always here for you. The art of carrying silver jewelry like a perfectionist is not too much an easy job. you have to look effortless yet pristine at one time.

Get familiar with the occasion you're going to wear it on:
The occasion is always important. Before selecting the pendant you want to wear, make sure you know the occasion very well in which you are going to wear it. Wearing a pendant that does not suit the occasion could be a fashion disaster for you and will make you regret it later.
Big silver pendants with stones studded are always a great choice for weddings and traditional occasions. Because of their size, shine and luster, they attract a lot of people and you become the center of attraction amongst people grabbing everyone's hearts. If you are going for a business meet or an office party, always try to wear small pendants with lesser stones on them as you need to look sophisticated and carry grace on such occasions.
The perfect day, glamorous silver pendant, and the gorgeous you - the fiery trio that we need!

Choose right colours to wear your silver pendant with:
If you want to turn heads around with your silver 
pendant, then you must choose the right color with the right dress, or else wearing the pendant will be of no use for you. Silver is a versatile metal that looks amazing with black, white, and grey. However, you have many more color options to match your silver jewelry. While it shines beautifully against the dark texture of your black dresses, you should pair chunky statement pieces with white or grey. It can make any simple outfit look fantastic. For your deep and elegant royal blue outfits too, you can wear silver statement rings or chunky necklaces for perfect accessorizing.
Silver is a complementary color; it works so well with lots of different shades. Silver is considered to be a neutral color and by combining it with others of the same spectrum (black, white, brown, cream, and grey), you can create a sophisticated look.
Due to being neutral tone, silver also works well with bolder hues such as those found in green onyx, kyanite, and amethyst gemstones. These bold colors will help to enhance your glistening silver jewelry, rather than cause a distraction. In opposition to bold colors, you'll be pleased to know that pastel colors work just as well with silver jewelry! These colors bring out the metallic quality of the silver, giving it even more of a reason to sparkle. Think powder blues, baby pinks, lavender purple, and light yellow when matching your accessories with a pastel combination. The softer and more muted the shade, the better.
The settings also matter. If you need to wear a fancy necklace during the daytime while remaining discreet, mix the silver necklace with cold colors and black. For the former, any of the shades of white, such as eggshell and off-white, make for a great combination. For more fashionable wear, put in value by donning brighter colors like a prune, turquoise, or orange. Of course, you can always match your silver necklace by putting on silver clothes. With a matching handbag and high heels, you will be more than ready to dominate the daytime with your chic wear. If you need to wear a fancy necklace during the nighttime, then you can resort to wearing your silver necklace while also donning a few other pieces of jewelry that feature precious stones such as rubies or diamonds. Feel free to go with a discreet bracelet or some earrings to accompany that silver necklace. Neon colors which are very much in trend nowadays must never be worn under this metal jewelry. Luminous colors such as greens and yellow reduce the visibility of silver to nil and give a messy and cheap look.
Wear it with the right color and get yourself called a queen by your acquaintances.

Balance your look and know when to add a full stop :
You know how it is: sometimes too much is, well, too much. If you’re drawing attention to your face and neckline with layered necklaces or a statement silver jewelry piece, perhaps you don’t need an armful of bangles to compete for attention. Or if you're wearing a bold pair of earrings perhaps your necklace could be more subtle or not there at all (on the other hand, a bold pair of earrings with a matching necklace can sometimes work beautifully). If you’ve accessorized with multiple pieces then consider taking a leaf out of the quote: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove the last accessory you wore." Have a balance with the jewelry and your outfit, and rock it!
Trends influence what all of us wear to some extent, which is fine. But it's never a good idea to slavishly follow fashion at the expense of your taste and personality. You'll end up losing yourself. Oh - and it's very expensive. Instead, try to figure out and evolve your style which suits you and makes you feel confident. That might turn out to be unfashionable right now or in the future, but if you own it then you'll be fine. When choosing jewelry to wear, always think about what works with your coloring, frame, and general sense of style. Take all of these things into account when you accessorize. And don’t forget your personality: we’re all different and your personality should be allowed to shine through in terms of the jewelry you choose and how you present yourself in

With all these tricks and tips, we know you're going to ace it all and look effortlessly stylish. Remember, you can break the rules if it works for you! Dressing up should be fun and it should be personal to you. Your style is about who you are and how you want to appear to others. It doesn't have to be twin sets and pearls, or free-flowing and boho for that matter. If what works for you is doing whatever you want and following none of the typical fashion tips, then go for it gorgeous!

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