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Silver Pendants come in a fascinating array of types and styles. If you're looking to expand your jewelry collection with silver pendants, then you are at the right place, 'cause Fabunora is the home to the stylish and unique designed silver pendants to ace the day.

The History of the glamorous Silver Pendants: Historically, silver has played a prominent role in the production of jewelry and objets d’art and is usually alloyed with another metal to harden it enough to maintain the desired shape and details imparted to it. Silver is relatively inexpensive today when you compare it to other precious metals like gold or platinum. This could lure one into believing that it isn’t an important metal. That is a false assumption!
At times throughout history silver was valued more highly than gold. When you examine the quantities of silver used in jewelry, its use outweighs all other precious metals by a large factor. This versatile white metal also triggered far more technological advances in the field of mining and metallurgy than its other precious metallic cousins. Entire economies have depended on its availability and the access to silver deposits has swung wars and as a result history. Silver is without doubt one of the most important metals in use by mankind.

Our silver story starts somewhere at the end of the 4th millennium BC when clever inhabitants of modern-day Turkey figured out they could extract silver from lead through cupellation. As a consequence, since then, silver became the foremost metal used for jewelry and the silver pendants have been adorned around the necks of beautiful souls like you. Silver and the pendants made out of it have always been a valuable metal ever since it was discovered long ago before 4000 BC. Silver has a special place in the history of the elements because it is one of the first five metals discovered and used by humans. The others were gold, copper, lead, and iron. Its popularity has done nothing but grows steadily throughout the ages as it possesses a unique ability to be able to keep with the current fashions of the times. 
Let's know what exactly Sterling Silver Pendants are made up of. Sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of some other metal, commonly copper or nickel. These metals bring strength, durability, and an extra luster to the silver. This composition makes for a stronger variety of silver, which is the quality standard jewelry. This is an established silver standard, having originated in around 1300. The standard for sterling silver was popularized by Tiffany and Co in America as they used this for their jewelry. But you might be wondering: How can I know if I identify sterling silver? Genuine sterling silver pendants should have a hallmark that identifies them as such that can be found on all the silver products on Fabunora.

There are several versions of sterling silver hallmark. You may see .925 stamped on the silver. Alternately look for the words STER, STERLING, STG, or Sterling Silver. If the silver has the number 800 stamped on it, it could very well be of European origin. These silver pendants are durable, rest easy because they are made up of hard metal that will last through the ages. If any surface scratches or damage occurs, sterling silver can easily be polished back to its smooth shine. In addition to that, resizing and repairs are very reasonably priced, so maintaining sterling silver pendants is easily done. You can cherish them forever around your neck! Are they worthwhile? Sterling silver pendants are much more affordable than those pendants made up of precious metal counterparts, gold, palladium, and platinum. This is because there is more silver mined than the other precious metals. Regardless, silver is one of the most beautiful metals with exceptional color and sheen that makes the silver pendants look exquisite.

Because it is a very small fraction of the cost of gold or platinum, sterling silver is perfect for every budget and jewelry lover.
How to prevent silver pendants from tarnishing? One main way to do this is to store your silver pendant so that it is not exposed to air. You can store silver in airtight bags. A good idea is to add anti-tarnish strips into the bags. This prevents tarnishing. You can also store the silver in an air-restricted jewelry box or other low humidity storage method. To prevent moisture from the air, including silica gel or a piece of chalk to absorb the air. After wearing your silver pendant, make sure you clean it before you store it away. Body oils and other elements can build up on the surface of the silver and speeds up tarnishing. It’s a good idea to remove your silver pendant before contact with water such as swimming and showering. Keep away from household chemicals, body fluids, or any sulfur-containing item such as latex, wool, and onions. Don’t get it in contact with makeup, lotions, or cosmetics either. Always add your silver pendant last. When washing your silver, use warm water and soap to wash the items gently. Dry with a soft cloth to remove dry water spots and store carefully. Polishing your silver pendant is another good way to delay the rate of tarnishing.

Are Silver Pendants hypoallergic? Silver Pendant does not irritate your skin or cause allergies. The most common cause of metal allergies is nickel, which is very rarely used in sterling silver alloys.
The commonly used copper and zinc are generally safe. Always check with your jeweler what metals the alloys contain to avoid any unnecessary issues. We assure you the ones available at Fabunora will do no harm to your skin. Buying a silver pendant online for yourself or someone as a gift, from one of the best silver pendant manufacturers like Fabunora , you can certainly make elegance a part of your personality. The pendants that we manufacture are created with uncompromised care, top-notch quality, and the relentless creative efforts of several designers to make sure that the pendants are impeccably beautiful and elegant along with being affordable for all our customers.

The pendants are carefully designed to quench all the style and fashion desires of the customers. As such, all the ladies trying to add a unique element to their style and fashion statements will find the pendants the perfect match they would love to get.
Each of the pendants is carefully crafted by an experienced silver pendant maker. Each pendant has an exclusive rarity that makes it distinctive from the rest of the lot. All the pendants are curated out of tons of love, making it a rare item to buy or gift and preserve as the item they have with them is unique to its core. No doubt wearing a pure silver pendant will enhance your beauty. Sterling Silver pendants at 925Silver are designed to keep all the new trends in mind. We bring together only the finest of sterling silver and the best manufacturing methods to give the pendant quality you deserve. The silver pendant is the perfect blend of beauty, durability, and malleability. If you’re looking for daily-wear accessories or an eternal statement piece, a sterling silver pendant will surely suit your tastes.

Sterling silver has been an appreciated material for centuries to craft exquisite jewelry like pendants as well as other items due to its contemplative properties and different applications. Some people have a misunderstanding that sterling silver is used for only earrings whereas others consider it as a cheap substitute for white gold. Sterling silver pendants can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly. They stay the same even after an eternity. The quality and lifetime value of sterling pendant may even become family legacies in the future. So, without a blink, trust us and pamper yourself and your loved ones with a fascinating silver pendant. Fabunora is an Indian company and the best silver jewelry brand, providing the best silver necklaces made by one of our excellent craftsmen. 

Fabunora makes sure that you find some amazing and heartwarming silver gifts. Go ahead and get your heart melted!



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