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Sterling silver jewelry pieces are classic and always pleasing to the eye. Their lustrous look surely entices people who are searching for shiny jewelry at a low price. Sterling silver jewelry is made of shiny and versatile metal. However, many people are surprised when these jewelry pieces suddenly become tarnished and corroded.

Silver is an excellent metal choice for necklaces, rings, bracelets, or other accessories to enhance your wardrobe. This metal is versatile and adds a funky look to casual outfits or a quiet elegance to dressier ensembles. But, are you worried that it won't last as long as you want to? Oh yes, it is possible! Since its much softer than many gemstones, silver requires special precautionary methods to prevent damage to its texture and composition. The good news? Caring for sterling silver doesn't have to be a laborious, time-consuming task. As long as you store it properly and keep up with regular periodic maintenance to prevent the dreaded tarnish, silver cleanings can be quick and easy. We will help you keep your Fabunora favorite silver jewelry with you for an eternity.

Storing Your Silver Jewelry-

Humidity, oils from your skin, perfumes, lotions, hair products, and other substances cause silver jewelry to corrode and tarnish. Proper storage of sterling silver jewelry and gift items goes a long way toward preserving its shine and preventing the oxidation that can cause dullness and discoloration. Protect your silver jewelry by wiping it off thoroughly with a polishing cloth or other soft material, like a cloth diaper, before storing it. Place the silver in an area that is dark and dry, such as a jewelry box or drawer. Allow plenty of room for each piece of jewelry. It is best to store the jewelry so that other pieces are not on top of it and are not touching each other. Storing your silver jewelry in this manner ensures that it will stay looking attractive for many years. Use anti-tarnish bags. If you need to store many sterling silver pieces, it will be more practical to get anti-tarnish bags instead. These are more durable containers that you can use for a longer period than zippered plastic bags.

Cleaning Sterling Silver-

Over time, dirt, makeup residue, and skin oils can build up on the surface of your sterling silver jewelry and gifts, causing the metal to become dull and cloudy. The best way to prevent this undesirable effect is to clean your pieces regularly. As a general rule, the regular use of chemical liquid jewelry cleaners is discouraged, as they can result in the eventual discoloration of the metal. The safest and most effective way to polish sterling silver is to wipe it gently with a soft cloth. There are specially designed silver polishing cloths that are pre-treated with gentle chemicals to restore silver's natural brilliance, although most soft cloths will do the trick. Avoid using coarse fibers or fabrics, such as paper or polyester, as these can result in scratching. Feel free to wipe down your stainless silver as often as you'd like to restore its shine and brilliance.

It's also a good idea to perform a thorough cleaning before storing a silver piece for a long period. For silver that has suffered from some degree of tarnishing, a deeper cleaning may be in order. To remove silver tarnish, you might want to try adding a small amount of mild detergent to the piece and then use a damp cloth or fingers to rub it into the surface of the metal. To prevent potential scratching and dullness, it's a good idea to avoid scrubbing the silver with any type of brush. Following these easy tips for storing and cleaning sterling silver can help to preserve the inherent beauty and shine of this precious metal, ensuring years of enjoyment of your investment.

Do not leave your sterling silver jewelry anywhere
After using your sterling silver jewelry, store them immediately, and do not let them lay anywhere to prevent exposure to humidity. Do not wear your jewelry pieces while in the shower or when swimming, too. Exposing your sterling silver to moisture, humidity, and chlorine will increase the risk of tarnishing.

Apply Beauty Products first, then accessorize!
A lot of women and men don’t know that a big cause of tarnish is the chemicals in the make-up, lotions, and perfumes that we use while wearing our sterling silver. Always try to make sure you apply all products FIRST, let it dry and settle, and then it is safe to put on silver rings, necklaces, etc.

Know when to take it off-

It is very important to remove your sterling silver during the following:
When using cleaning supplies or harsh soaps
When exercising or playing sports
Showering or bathing
Sitting in hot tubs
Sitting in saunas
On the beach
While getting ready i.e. putting on makeup

All in all, keeping your sterling silver clean comes down to maintaining a balance of regular at-home care and professional cleaning appointments. We suggest an annual cleaning by professionals for all jewelry.
In many of Fabunora's Designs, sterling silver is a big part of the pieces. But maintaining a brilliant shine and versatile look can be tricky. I think we can all think of that one ring or necklace that was our “fav” until it started to bring on a lackluster tarnish and lose its lifetime. Remember that it’s easier to prevent tarnish than it is to remove it after it occurs. If you see tarnish beginning to form, be sure to clean it immediately. Following these steps will help keep your Fabunora's favorite sterling silver looking new for years to come!

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