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There is one relationship in this mortal life that effortlessly scores above all other known relationships on this Earth. Feeling confused? Don't scratch your head too much as that extraordinary relationship is none other than that of the mother, which is truly priceless in terms of her countless love, dedication, and devotion towards her family. To acknowledge the presence of all mothers around the globe, Mother's Day is celebrated across more than 46 countries of the world. This is truly a special day for the mothers who are mostly underrated in this male-dominated society.

Let us throw some light into the occasion with the help of various detailed information in the form of origin, the reason for celebration, modes of celebration, and other essential facts. Though, you don't need a special day to acknowledge the bond and the person who invited you into this world. And for that, she deserves everything best.
A stunning silver pendant with exquisite glamorous stones is exactly what your mum needs. You could go the practical route and get her something you're sure she'll get plenty of use out of, like a nice french press to make her morning coffees or a versatile bag that can take her from the office to the gym and everywhere in between. But, sometimes the greatest gifts don't serve any purpose other than pleasure. If you're looking for a gift that feels like a special treat, you can't go wrong with giving Mom a nice piece of jewelry. At Fabunora, these fascinating silver pendants are exactly what your mother needs. She can wear it at any event and style it like a goddess, 'cause she deserves it all'.

Beautifully crafted out of pure 92.5 sterling silver
, just her style, and something she probably wouldn't splurge on for herself, a dainty piece of jewelry is the perfect way to show your Mom how much you appreciate her. And, these days, you don't have a spend a ton of money to get her something that sparkles. It dangles down a fine silver cable chain measuring 18'' and has an embellishment of zirconia stones to add charms to your charming mom. Not only this, but you will also receive an amazing gift box and a message box with a customized quote to thank her for everything. This will truly be as overwhelming as nothing can ever be. There are so many ways to tell Mom you love her, but our silver pendants are the sweetest ones. She is the soul of beauty, she is the spirit of elegance; she is the divine charmer, she is a MOTHER!

How to style our divine silver pendants at different events and occasions?

The art of carrying silver jewelry like a perfectionist is not too much an easy job. You have to look effortless yet pristine at one time. You need not worry now as in this blog we will share some of the basics you must know before start styling your silver pendant. Choosing your jewelry for every day can be tricky. You don't want to wear cheap pieces but maybe you also don't want to look over the top at your workplace donned in all gold. Silver is a great solution to this dilemma. No matter the setting, our sterling silver pendant has always been a timeless classic to wear. It is affordable and versatile. You'll discover a perfect balance between simple and class especially if you know what goes well with silver. Before you click on the add to cart button to surprise your mother, let's get you familiar with how she can style it and turn heads around. All of your outfits will reap the benefits silver brings, such as creating a distinguished look and brightening the overall classic appearance. For the most part, it is perfectly safe to wear a silver pendant with just about any outfit without worrying about appearing vulgar or overly exaggerated. All kinds of people can wear a silver necklace elegantly. Whether you have fair or dark skin, blond or black hair, blue or green eyes, or any combination thereof, you have the means to pull off wearing a silver necklace successfully.

Our stunning sterling silver pendant is incredibly classic as it's simple to wear every day with your daytime looks but also elegant enough to make you stand out at a more formal event. Although silver is always versatile, it's still important to wear the right colors so that your silver jewelry stands out. The best color to pair with silver is black as it creates a beautiful contrast. Dark blue and burgundy are colors that also look stunning with silver pendants, creating a rich background for your jewelry to shine against.
When choosing your clothes, it's best to keep them minimalist when it comes to wearing silver. Busy and textured patterns may distract the eye from the simple beauty of your silver jewelry creating a clash of visuals. Stick to simple patterns, especially when you are wearing a lot of silver so that your silver jewelry alone will be the statement piece.

Another great tip for styling your silver jewelry is picking the right style that matches the occasion. For the workday, try wearing a silver necklace paired with black clothing. This will make you look put together without looking over the top. For a nighttime occasion, however, you can be bolder with your choices by wearing several silver necklaces to create a unique and sizzling look.
Although you might want to wear all your best sterling silver at once, don't overdo it. So, if you are wearing an elaborate dress maybe go for a single piece of silver pendant rather than layering it. But, if you're wearing something very simple like a black dress, then a few silver pieces can really change your look to seem way more elegant. Also, don't wear too much to the point you are uncomfortable. Less is more and too many clashing pieces can end up looking tacky and loud.

You can still make bold and unique style choices that go with silver. To do this, try layering by wearing several silver necklaces of different lengths at once, along with a few rings and bracelets. Stack rings on both hands, wear a few bracelets, and layer your necklaces by wearing lengths that reach your collarbone and past your neckline. This can create a very dynamic and visually appealing look if you combine jewelry that compliments each other.

We all have those silver jewelry pieces we love and have grown a sentimental connection with, just like the ones you got from Fabunora. Now that you're looking to buy silver jewelry with a luxurious and new feel, this will give you the chance to not wear the same jewelry every single day. Having a variety of pieces to put on will be a wonderful way for you to create diverse outfits, wear the right piece for the occasion, and always feel like your most elegant self. Say you've worn the same studs for years but now you have a cocktail party to attend and need to wear something with a bit more flair. The studs are too boring for a night out but having the choice of dangling or teardrop earrings would be the ideal go-to. Get the mothers' silver collection from Fabunora and help her upgrade her wardrobe!

For centuries, a silver pendant has remained one of the most perfect choices of jewelry for both daytime and nighttime looks. It is a timeless and classic beauty. Knowing what goes well with silver when it comes to outfit style will also enhance the elegance of your silver jewelry. Choosing the right colors of your outfit to the patterns to switching up your jewelry pieces on different days are all ways to ensure this elegance.

If you're wearing a big silver pendant, you should accent it with things that are smaller. Stick to simple arm jewelry - like a small bracelet band and a minimal amount of rings. Most importantly, don't put on those hoops or dangly earrings you love.Think about it: when someone looks at your outfit, they won't know whether to focus up top on the ears or to check out your silver pendant. Such confusion takes away from the overall "wow" factor of whatever you're wearing. Keep your accessories from competing against each other. Opt for the earrings or the silver pendant, but never both.

Favored for its value and unique radiance, silver has beauty and malleability that make it a perfect choice for jewelry usage. Not only this, but silver is also no less beautiful to wear than gold, and it is both easier to afford and wear in general, especially since it has a place no matter the social setting.

Now that you know how to wear a silver pendant effortlessly, it's just a matter of finding the right one for you in order to upgrade your style. We have glamorous silver pendants to choose from. All you need to do is not going anywhere, click on the add to cart just sitting on the couch and surprise your mom with the divine mothers' collection of silver pendants from Fabunora.

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