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Gifting something to your wife is a tough job as women don’t get impressed that easily. Your love would be the top one on the list of best gifts for her. But on special occasions or now and then, a piece of precious silver jewelry would be the perfect way to tell her how important she is to you. And women never say ‘no’ to jewelry, especially if it's as fascinating as the one we've got especially for you. Roger that!

Yes, a precious silver pendant is all you need to show her how much you value her. Get her our stunning pendant in sparkling zirconia stones that is made up of 92.5 sterling silver, no matter what the occasion is, and you would see her smile like it’s the most romantic movie you have ever made. Dangling down from a silver cable chain measuring 18'', this is everything your wife ever needs to cherish the memories adorned around her neck for an eternity. You would be amazed once you start your journey of finding something that she would love. To save you from feeling confused and exhausted, Fabunora offers you an extensive collection of gorgeous silver jewelry pieces that can make the perfect gift for your better half. Choose something in shining glamour, something in sparkling stones, and don't worry, this is not all. You'll also receive an amazing eminent gift box and a message card with a customized quote to make it as thoughtful as nothing can ever be. Discover our assortment of unique gifts for wives that are striking and stunning like the love you both

Why choose Fabunora?

With Fabunora, selecting silver jewelry gifts for your lovely wife is very easy and convenient. And with such fabulous motifs that are inspired by the Global fashion trends, any woman would want them inside her jewelry box. Fabunora's range is exclusive and can make the best gift for her, be it a special occasion or just a regular day for you to express your eternal love. Because in this ever-changing digital world where everything is being bought online, why not buy our exquisite sterling silver pendants online from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to keep looking from one store to another for that perfect jewelry gift set to present your wife on her birthday or anniversary. You don’t need to settle for something typical or traditional, which she won’t like. You can just sit back, relax and browse through our trendy designs in a variety of styles, and finish. And the most fantastic part is, our products just take a few clicks to order and only a few days to get delivered to your doorstep. Our customers are our family and we don't like to keep them await.

How can your wife style our silver pendants?

While there is never any wrong way to wear your favorite jewelry, sterling silver can definitely be enhanced by various styles and items in your wardrobe. Pair your favorite sterling silver necklaces with a casual t-shirt for the perfect everyday look. Layer two short chains or experiment with mixing chains and charms of various lengths. Pop a black leather jacket over it, as it adds a bit of edge to the silver jewelry. We love the combination of silver and denim, as it mimics the classic combination of blue and gray. Denim serves as the perfect backdrop to all your favorite silver pieces, like the ones from Fabunora, making for a flattering look that suits just about

Nothing makes your jewelry pop like a black canvas, and this is especially true for silver. While neutral colors can occasionally wash your silver pieces out, a black turtleneck brings out the shimmer and color of the sterling silver better than pretty much anything we can think of. It's also a classic look for dinner or a casual day at the office. One more way we wear our Sterling Silver necklaces is with a color that truly compliments them. Look to purple and pink hues with silver undertones. Dark green and various shades of blue are also favorites of ours. You can't go wrong with a silk blouse and a statement silver necklace. Layer your charms together to tell your story - and the added bit of color will really make you stand out. Layering chains never go out of style. We are now seeing that trend with silver chain pendants. The more the merrier- this is definitely true for silver chain pendants. What are you waiting for? Shop for Silver Pendants at Fabunora and add multiple layers of stunning jewelry to your outfit.

With silver jewelry pendants making a come-back to the popular jewelry markets, you must know how to style yours. Silver jewelry is luxury jewelry that does not burn a hole in your pocket. That is very rare to find today. You can easily buy the season’s must-have real silver pendant that is still on trend for a go-to wedding look or a vacation.
The stunning shine of pure silver pendants combined with the undeniably modern designs available in the market makes silver pendants a very exciting choice of accessories. You can get the most out of your silver jewelry by styling it right so that you look special every time. And We are telling you how to do that!

Silver Pendants are astonishingly versatile
. They look amazing with anything black, white, and grey. The right silver pendant can enhance any outfit with a graceful look. So choose your colors properly.

Don’t follow fashion trends if they don’t work for you. Be confident in your own taste of jewelry. Buy silver pendants that mean something to you. Don’t be afraid to get a little sentimental. Wear what best suits your personality.

What's the occasion?

You do not want to make any fashion decision that you might regret later on. When going for a business meeting, keep it simple with a minimalist silver pendant. Break out the glamorous bold pendants on chunky chains when out for the night!

Do I look too casual or too fancy? Most women ask themselves this question countless times. Finding the right silver accessory for a specific occasion can be a daunting task if your jewelry box is brimming with too many trinkets. Even more, layering too much can just end up looking like a confusing jumble. Luckily, you’ll always have another chance to show off your look–the trick is knowing when!

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to glamorize your heart out
(without outshining the bride!) Once you find the perfect outfit, you can start layering your favorite pieces of silver jewelry. If you’re sporting solid colors, opt for a glamorous silver pendant with a contrasting color.

The divergent colors in your jewels accentuate each other, making your pieces stand out with charm. If a patterned outfit is what you’re going for, choose one color from that pattern and match your silver jewelry with it. This will make the color in the outfit pop. If you’re wearing a few different colors, stick with the silver pendant to prevent your look from going into overdrive. Always remember that less is more!

In business meetings, you want to look sharp while combining your favorite silver jewelry items into your outfit. Teaming a power suit with a bright blouse and a pair of heels is a sure-fire way to create a professional and fashionable look in the workplace. The key to the right jewelry in a professional setting is staying sweet and simple. You don’t want your silver pendant to overbear your attire. Flaunt classy styles to your next business meeting.

Wearing silver jewelry for a dinner party can vary depending on the occasion. A black-tie event definitely calls for exquisite pieces to pair with your flowing gown. Silver pendants with zirconia stones are an ideal choice, especially if your hair is in an updo. Team the earrings with a matching silver necklace and bracelet for a flawless finish. Wearing a simple silver pendant is also a great alternative if you want to tone down the sparkle.

On the other hand, avoid elaborate pieces if you’re attending a casual dinner party. Delicate pieces or silver chains are simple, classic designs that suit any outfit and every occasion.
Whatever you end up wearing, make sure you wear the most precious accessory of all–your smile!

Shop at Fabunora and help your wife build her collection of silver pendants. Click on the add to cart button now! Get her a silver pendant that really makes a statement to bring a simple outfit to life. Shop now and make the night romantic!

Shine on, with our sterling silver jewelry. Each piece of jewelry in our collection is stunningly crafted in a timeless style for your wife. Rush up and order now! Don't make your wife wait, 'cause it is going to be a special and memorable night.


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