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With all the jewelry options in the market today, how do you decide which one to go with? Especially when everything in jewelry stores is designed to catch our eye. Additionally, how do you keep up with the ever-changing trends in jewelry? Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences when it comes to which type of metal they prefer to wear. Some people will naturally gravitate to the obvious appeal of gold while others appreciate the beauty of silver jewelry. People have linked silver to luxury for decades — the phrase “silver spoon” is associated with wealth for a reason.  

Silver may not be as expensive or as sought after as gold, but it makes for some of the most elegant, sophisticated, and affordable silver jewelry pieces. Sterling silver is also a versatile, durable metal that is much stronger than gold which means it can survive a rough lifestyle a lot better than a gold piece of jewelry would. Silver can be just as shiny and sparkly as other metals which is why it is fast becoming a popular choice with fashionistas. Many women can now be seen with sterling silver necklaces hanging around their necks or sterling silver earrings finishing off their look.
And, let us catch your eye and give your choices a meaning with our top reasons why you should choose sterling silver jewelry over everything and anything else.


One of the top benefits of buying sterling silver jewelry is that you never have to worry it won’t be “in” next year.
Sterling silver has been around for thousands of years and isn’t going anywhere! The color is elegantly beautiful, yet humble. Sterling silver jewelry will never go out of style.


By nature, pure silver is an incredibly soft metal. Sterling silver jewelry is made from silver alloy or the blending of silver with other metals.
However, because of the initial softness of silver, the options of design are nearly endless. From simple rings and necklaces to intricate pendants and bracelets, sterling silver can be used for everything.

As stated above pure silver is a soft metal, making it easy to work with, but not incredibly strong.
To combat this, jewelry makers blend silver with a stronger metal to create sterling silver jewelry. The other metal used is most commonly copper.
Sterling silver is generally 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Because of its unassuming appearance, sterling silver jewelry can be worn on any occasion and with any outfit.
Sterling silver jewelry isn’t overly flashy or gaudy, yet it adds a hint of class and sophistication. Whether you’re going to a nice evening out, going to church, or just out for some shopping, sterling silver jewelry is more than appropriate.

Simply put, sterling silver jewelry is easy to take care of.
Yes, silver jewelry tarnishes over time, especially if it’s not worn frequently. However, there are super easy and inexpensive ways to clean and polish silver at home!

Perhaps one of the most consumer-friendly benefits of sterling silver jewelry is its hypo-allergenic nature.
Silver and copper are both non-irritants like nickel and brass, keeping your skin rash-free!

Sterling silver is an alloy or a blend of multiple metals. The metals added to silver are cheaper and stronger, giving sterling silver two immediate benefits.
First, sterling silver jewelry is cheaper to make, therefore, cheaper to buy. Second, because of its copper reinforcement, sterling silver is stronger than pure silver, as previously discussed.
Sterling silver jewelry gives you the option to quickly and relatively inexpensively build up your jewelry collection!

Pure silver, gold, and platinum, on the other hand, are extremely expensive metals. Especially considering gold is a metal that easily clashes with certain outfits, meaning its use is somewhat limited.

These aren’t the only reasons you should invest in Sterling Silver. The quality is of silver is incredible. Sterling silver comes with the promise of a high-quality product, added to the fact that it is affordable, there is really no reason why you wouldn’t buy it. A pair of sterling silver hoop earrings dangling elegantly can give off an almost majestic look, the quality is that good.

The options are endless when it comes to sterling silver pieces. It can be made into pretty much any piece you want. Artists and designers have more freedom when it comes to the design of silver pieces and they are often the ones experimenting with ideas and coming up with innovative designs to impress.
Maintaining your sterling silver jewelry is easy and simple. Wearing it regularly will help to prevent it from tarnishing because the natural oils in your skin clean the silver. If you have pieces you don’t wear daily, simply get some silver jewelry polish and give the piece a rub and it will be good as new.
It is for all these reasons that building a sterling silver jewelry collection is a great idea. You will be able to invest in affordable pieces that are of an excellent quality and will last long. The variety of sterling silver that is available means you will be able to build a diverse collection of unique pieces.


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It caught my attention when you informed us that sterling silver is often blended with a stronger metal by jewelers to create sterling silver jewelry, which is why we can be assured that the pieces are durable and incredibly strong. It’s almost my wedding soon, so I have decided to invest in new jewelry to wear along with the dresses I prepared for the ceremony and the reception party. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for jewelers in the area that sell handcrafted sterling silver turquoise bracelets I might consider buying.

Clare Martin December 21, 2023

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