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The auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, which marks the start of the Diwali festival, is celebrated hugely. Dedicated to the goddess of wealth and prosperity Goddess Lakshmi, the day is considered extremely auspicious to buy your favorite silver jewelry from Fabunora. Dhanteras is the day to invest in silver and this is why bid adieu to all the negative energies in your house by cleaning and purchasing earth lamps to light up the spirit of Diwali. Invest in exquisite silver jewelry online from Fabunora on this auspicious day of Dhanteras.

Dhanteras is the day to invest in silver jewelry online or objects made in silver exclusively handcrafted for you. Mark the beginning of Diwali by praying to Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. For ages, you have seen your mother or wife buying silver jewelry on Dhanteras. Have you thought about why? Well, we have the answer!

The ritual in Dhanteras is observed as a significant part of the festivities as it is believed that it is an invitation to Goddess Lakshmi to come and stay at home. This day is considered to be the first day of the five-day Diwali celebration and holds importance for the business community. On this day, people around the country, worship ‘dhan’ and Goddess Lakshmi symbolized by a one rupee coin. This ritual is also carried out by businesses across the country that usually decorate the office premises and worship Goddess Lakshmi. Dhanteras has an interesting story that suggests why buying silver jewelry is considered auspicious on this day.

The Story behind buying silver on Dhanteras:
According to an adage, the story of Dhanteras revolves around a 16-year old King Hima and his newly-wed wife. A prophecy had indicated the king will die on the fourth day of marriage.
In order to keep her husband awake and safe, his newly wedded wife is believed to have made a heap of her ornaments, including lots of gold and silver coins at the entrance of the sleeping chamber. She is then believed to have sung songs and narrated stories.
The next day, when the God of Death, Yama came to take the king, his eyes were dazzled by the blinding gold and silver. Unable to enter the chamber, Yama climbs the heap of wealth and sat there listening to the songs and stories. Later, Yama is believed to have left silently without taking the king.
Since then, buying silver on this day or even other forms of ‘dhan’ is considered auspicious to keep evil and death away.

Why buy silver on Dhanteras in place of gold or other forms of 'dhan'?
It is considered auspicious to buy gold and silver on Dhanteras. While many people prefer gold due to its shine, a pocket-friendly alternative you can consider this festive season is silver. Just like gold, silver too, can you bought in various forms. This can be utensils, jewelry, bars, and coins. But, the most attractive and the favorite is the sterling silver jewelry! We can see you agree.

It is Healthier:
Silver jewelry has more positive effects than gold. Wearing silver jewelry helps you keep your blood vessels elastic, aids bone formation and healing, and acts as a pain killer in case of muscle aches. These are some benefits that you could never achieve while wearing a gold ornament.

Silver has a history:
Silver has a long history that connects the wearer with ancient tales and the culture of India. A country with an age-old love for gold, silver has also made quite a place for many years. Silver has been widely used to make objects, ornaments, coins, temples, utensils, and other precious accessories. Till now, silver coins, utensils are used to worship Goddess Laxmi in Diwali. This long history and fondness for wonderful metal make it one of the most cherished jewelry metals.

Sterling silver is a versatile and gorgeous metal for any kind of jewelry, whether you're looking for a tough piece to last for years or a classic design that fits with any style. At Fabunora, we understand the powerful beauty of sterling silver jewelry, and we're dedicated to helping you find the piece that best expresses your unique style and personality. Depending on your budget we have a variety of options to cater to your needs from silver jewelry online to objects made out of silver, we have you covered. You can even invest in a small item made of out silver but the main significance lies in the fact that you are buying something made out of metal on this auspicious day.

Silver lies as the best option as it is considered to be the most auspicious and affordable in comparison to other metals. Silver is also extremely malleable and ductile and can be molded into a variety of objects and designs.

The main significance behind buying that something made of silver or metal lies in the fact that it is considered the harbinger of good luck and is supposed to keep negative energy away. This belief originated from a legend in which Yama, The God of Death was enticed by the sight of gold.

Dhanteras is celebrated differently in different regions. It is a good day to consider your health and also learn how to preserve your spiritual health. This festive season brings some beautiful and sparkling pure sterling silver jewelry and celebrates this Dhanteras and Diwali along with your family, friends, and relatives. Dhanteras is a day that is celebrated two days before Laxmi puja (Main Diwali Day). This festival is also called Choti Diwali in many different states of India. Diwali celebrations start with Dhanteras as its first day. The word Dhanteras itself signifies wealth and prosperity. It is celebrated on the 13th lunar day according to the Hindu calendar and hence the word Teras and falls in the auspicious month of Ashwin. 

On this special auspicious occasion, we present to you our exclusive collection of 925 sterling silver jewelry and handcrafted objects made out of silver. Invest in silver jewelry online and add some spirit to the festive season. Curated out of pure love and 92.5 sterling silver, the range at Fabunora is an extraordinary one with embellished zirconia stones. Dangling from a fine silver cable chain of 18'', this is everything your wife needs to complete her jewelry collection. After all, who can say no to silver with lots of glamour? Oh yes, wait there! We got more for you. This gift doesn't end here. You're at Fabunora so always expect something out of the box. With lots of thoughts and emotions, you will also receive an amazing eminent gift box and a message card with a customized gift. Scroll down to see how you can make a number of events more auspicious and healthy than ever with the help of Fabunora!

We worship the treasurer of wealth, Lord Kuber along with Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Hence everyone should buy some silver on Dhanteras. Be it silver jewelry or silver objects as per your budget. Buy pure sterling silver jewelry online from our gorgeous and mesmerizing collection at the best prices and avail of great offers this festive season. Keep up with the traditions and it’s the season to buy some sparkly silver jewelry from Fabunora.

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